Silkscreen Prints Increase Me in Knowledge. Credit:

And Say: O Lord Increase Me in Knowledge!

Quran 20:114

Jali Thuluth script

Unique silkscreen print based on original pen and ink piece that was privately commissioned, Norway.

Oil-based silkscreen print on Khadi paper


Silkscreen Prints Allah. Credit:


The Divine Name in stylised Maghribi script

Oil-based silkscreen print on Khadi paper

30 x 30 cm


Silkscreen Prints Nur Blue Khadi. Credit:

Light upon Light

Nurun ‘Ala Nur, Quran 24:35
Jali Thuluth script
The upward arrangement of words in this composition aims to reflect layers of radiant light.

Oil-based silkscreen print on deep blue Indian paper with artist's stamp

49.5 X 49.5cm


Silkscreen Prints Vessel of Faith. Credit:

Vessel of Faith

The text in this piece emphasises the universality of faith and highlights the belief in Islam that God has sent messengers to mankind throughout the ages to teach them and that all His messengers and holy books are true. The text translates as: I believe in God, His angels, His books, His messengers, the Last Day, predestination by God, good and evil and the resurrection from the dead.
The text is arranged in the shape of a boat and abounds in symbolic meaning written in stylised Thuluth script.

Oil-based silkscreen print, bark paper with artist's stamp

53.5 x 74 cm


Silkscreen Prints Beauty. Credit:

Beauty Dot

The word 'jamal' in Diwani script

Oil-based silkscreen print on leather with artist's stamp

63.5 x 48.5 cm